Natrol LLC is a 35-year-old nutritional supplements manufacturer and the #1 Melatonin brand in the U.S., sold in mass retail and health food stores. Natrol was struggling with brand awareness and looking to grow market share for their Beauty and Stress product lines. Phinney Bischoff was engaged to translate Natrol’s new brand positioning – Own Your Health – into an improved website experience and visual refresh. Natrol wanted to attract a new demographic of “wellness enthusiasts” and to deliver an informative website that would engage customers to learn and transact. They also wanted to transition from selling products to driving sales to retail channels.

Based on our competitive audit and synthesis of existing research, we developed personas and user journeys to guide decision-making about features, content, and site structure. We developed an intuitive, streamlined path to purchase, educating users along the way about product benefits and providing tools to increase handoff sales to retailers. We developed a content strategy and SEO/ analytics plan to achieve better organic search results and optimize for marketing efforts. We conducted user testing to ensure intuitive navigation and taxonomy. Finally, we developed a new visual aesthetic and directed a lifestyle-focused photo shoot, which was a shift from their previous product-focused imagery.

Shifting away from an “item catalog” approach, the new site allows the benefits of Natrol’s products to shine while positioning them as a resource, rather than a storefront. The site provides a brand experience that maintains product visibility, but engages customers differently through quizzes, videos and articles. The cumbersome e-commerce experience is replaced with a seamless and easy path to find and purchase products from online/offline retailers.