The Power of Connection

Health outcomes are strongly linked to the care team’s ability to communicate. But even with so much on the line, many healthcare systems still depend on outdated, inefficient communication methods. PerfectServe knew there was a better way. The company’s proprietary technology, Dynamic Intelligent Routing, is a secure cloud-based solution that allows care teams from across the entire care continuum to stay connected in real time. The result? Less stress and better outcomes for both patients and providers.

Phinney Bischoff was asked to evolve PerfectServe’s visual identity and messaging in a way that would help the company stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Uncovering Audience Needs

We started with stakeholder interviews and an online survey to better understand market perceptions, audience needs and competitive strengths. We learned that audiences were tired of the repetitive “features and benefits” messaging that had become so prevalent in the healthcare space—what they really wanted to hear about was the emotional relief that comes when teams are able to more easily connect. Along with other insights, we crafted a condensed brand platform followed by a persona-based messaging framework that elevated the emotional benefits of Dynamic Intelligent Routing and linked them to concrete proof points

Redefining the Status Quo

We then began creative exploration for the brand. In a competitive audit, we observed that many healthcare companies not only sounded the same, but many also used similar designs and stock images. Given that a key benefit of Dynamic Intelligent Routing is the ability to stay connected inside and out of the hospital, we opted for a different type of photography style—one that features subjects outside of the hospital walls and conveys authentic emotions. The visual language also explored a fresh direction by using unexpected color combinations and bold graphic elements. As part of this process, we also refreshed the logo to better align with the new visual identity.

Extending the Brand

Once the visual and verbal identity were developed, we worked with the PerfectServe team to extend the brand into various marketing communications. We started with a total redesign of the website, anchored in a solid UX strategy and a deep understanding of back-end requirements. Along the way, we developed a custom icon library and provided strategic guidance on content. To help tell the story of Dynamic Intelligent Routing, we designed and developed a motion graphic that leveraged the new messaging and visual language. Finally, we created designs and developed content for a library of key marketing pieces, including sales sheets, presentation templates and animated infographics.