Transforming the way we hear sound

Tectonic is disrupting the speaker industry with ground-breaking audio technology that creates an immersive sound experience you have to hear to believe. As the company was pivoting for growth and shifting into new markets, a need to reposition and evolve the brand became apparent.

Radical Discovery

We began our work together with a brand essence exploration, looking at the intersection of what is distinctive and authentic to the company and what is relevant to the customers and markets they want to serve. Radical Discovery hit the mark, embodying the revolutionary nature of the technology with the passion Tectonic has for forging new frontiers in sound innovation. We defined key personality attributes for the company – exciting, curious, daring, imaginative and smart. This work rooted and guided the brand evolution as we updated the Tectonic logo and developed the visual language and website.

Evolving the identity

We engaged in a logo refresh exploration with the goal of modernizing the mark. After a thorough color study and competitive analysis, we chose to stay with a green hue for brand continuity. The new logo reflects a bold confidence and refined simplicity that is reflective of the brand personality. We removed “audio labs” to provide flexibility for the business as well as for various product applications.

Bringing the brand to life

The visual expression of the brand is inspired by the concept of sound as color. What might it look like if you could actually see immersive sound, experienced from every angle? How might technology and humanity come together to create a visually mind-blowing experience? Organic, semi-transparent fields of color act as the signature visual element for the brand. Dramatic contrast between fields of dark and light are combined with a modern palette of saturated blues and greens to bring emphasis where needed. Product photography and typography are simple and straight-forward.

Simplifying the experience

Moving from two stand-alone sites to a single, integrated site was an important decision to align with the company’s growth strategy. Communicating all facets of the business through a unified brand lens while serving multiple customer segments was critical. The new site showcases a more comprehensive technology story and pivots the product focus toward OEM and smart speaker solutions, while creating a distinct path for the professional market.

A critical function of the new site was to align with lead generation goals, encouraging prospective customers to inquire and engage. We improved the digital experience for all key audiences through a clean, intuitive design and concise messaging strategy. A more robust and filterable resource section was developed, making it easy to find information for various applications and products. Dynamic resource content and case studies allow relevant product information to be associated with related resources, further simplifying the user experience.