Sample Family Apiaries has been in the honey business for three generations. The family beekeeping business yielded honey for wholesale distribution for years, and saw an opportunity to create a consumer-facing honey brand of their own. They approached Phinney Bischoff with this beautiful product and vision, and we advised them in conducting market research to establish the appropriate product positioning.

After immersing ourselves in the honey market, bee culture and their family business, we led the Samples through a brand workshop, establishing a foundation to guide decision-making for the development of their new company. We developed a brand ethos of “Authentic Goodness,” bringing their family values, business culture, superb product and care for their bees into a single, cohesive expression. We then led the Samples through a naming process for the company, landing on True Gold Honey, and developed the supporting tagline: Discover something truly good.

With the brand platform as our guide, we created True Gold Honey’s visual identity and logo. From there, we sourced options for retail honey jars and designed a label for their five initial varieties of honey. This is only the beginning of what will prove to be a successful business founded on extensive industry expertise and a unique and authentic brand expression. For those who care about the people they love and our planet, True Gold is an authentically good way to make this world a sweeter place.