Optimism in Action

If you believe it, you can achieve it. That simple yet powerful philosophy is what inspired the founding of Tschetter Group—a different kind of wealth management firm, started by industry veterans, where the future is always bright, and where prosperity is measured over the course of a lifetime rather than by short-lived wins.

But in order to stand out in an industry of firms that look and sound the same, Tschetter Group needed to crystallize their unique story—and develop a strong visual identity to express it.

Casting the Vision

We began by diving into Tschetter’s vision and goals, and analyzing the competitive landscape. We also interviewed key clients to learn about their perceptions of and experiences with the firm. What surfaced was a deep regard for Tschetter’s unique ability to connect on an emotional level, which inspired a sense of confidence and positivity about the future. Based on these insights, we developed a brand platform centered around optimism. It’s a fresh take on a simple idea—that the future can always be better than today.

Authentic Storytelling

Given the importance of relationship-building to client development, it was important to equip team members with the language to speak confidently about the firm. After aligning on key messaging pillars, we created a robust storytelling document that established brand voice and tone, shared the firm’s origin story, and elaborated on the team’s perspectives around optimism.

A Bold Yet Timeless Identity

After solidifying the strategic foundation, it was time to bring the brand to life visually. We started by guiding the team through a name change from Tschetter Wealth Advisors to Tschetter Group—a simpler, more approachable direction—and created a supporting tagline: “Everything Possible. Together.”

We then designed a new logo and visual language to support the brand, using modern but timeless fonts, inspirational imagery, and an unexpected color palette that exudes both confidence and optimism.

Debuting the Brand

The website was the first touchpoint to be designed. We began by revisiting the client journeys established during our earlier workshops and identifying unique UX needs for those visitors.

Storytelling would be paramount to success. We developed a content strategy and supporting copy that feels human, welcoming and authentic. In parallel, we created a site design that is flexible and modern, and evokes the optimism at the core of Tschetter’s philosophy.

Perfecting the Client Experience

To help Tschetter better serve their clients, Phinney Bischoff facilitated additional brainstorms around what clients are seeing, feeling and expecting at every stage of their journeys with the firm. This exercise resulted in a Client Experience Plan that outlines the firm’s high service standards along with the finer details of creating a superb client experience. We drafted a six-month marketing plan to help kick-start execution, complete with success metrics and budgets.

A Promising Future

To support Tschetter Group into the future, we provided clear documentation of their brand platform, verbal identity and key messaging pillars, and visual language for referral as the team explores additional ways to apply their brand. The new website features a flexible backend allowing for scalability as the firm grows.

And we continue to provide guidance on executing the Client Experience Plan, proudly supporting Tschetter Group in its exciting journey.

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