Engaging the Donor Community

The President’s Club, a recognition program for the University of Washington’s most generous donors, was experiencing declining visibility and interest. Many qualifying donors were ambivalent about their involvement, confused by unclear program benefits and, in some cases, not even aware that they were members. Phinney Bischoff was engaged to help revive existing donor engagement, to attract a broader base of new members and to provide clarity and visibility for both existing and prospective members.

We worked in collaboration with key UW stakeholders to define and articulate program benefits and develop a messaging strategy in support of a new, more inclusive positioning and name—The President’s Circle. We developed a framework to clarify and codify key communication pillars, providing the TPC team with guidelines to ensure consistent communication about the program across multiple channels and audiences.

Expanding the Reach

Our strategic work culminated in the development of a new member kit consisting of several pieces that work together—a folder, letter, card, brochure, and donor-level insert. Thoughtfully crafted to feel tailored for multiple audiences and donor levels, the piece provides maximum flexibility and is cost-effective to maintain and produce.