As a follow up to last week’s Fear and Awe post, we asked the PB team to share their personal take on the subject. Here’s what a few of us fear…


Leslie Phinney, CEO

I have both a fear and an awe of owning my own business. In these 36 years there have been many thrills and chills. Thankfully mostly thrills and an awesome experience overall. Other fears: skydiving, I can’t imagine making that leap but at the same time it would be such a thrilling experience. Also aliens…probably stemming from Twilight Zone! 


Karl Bischoff, COO

Scuba diving: When I scuba dive, I initially experience fear with the thought “I am not able to breathe underwater.” Then I calm down when I start noticing the abundance of life in this other awesome part of our world.


Audrey Na, Associate Creative Director

Snorkeling in deep, vast open waters and being too up close and personal with sea creatures and the unknown.


Cody Rasmussen, Design Director

Fear wasn’t.
Until it was.
Mother Nature.
Snowy hillside.
Soft and delicate.
Smooth and fast.
Until it wasn’t.
Rough and broken.
Swept and silent.
A visitor only.
In awe.


Ann Janikowski, Brand Strategist 

Cruise ships are a “one stop shop” for many of my fears: open water, gigantic industrial vessels, lack of control of my surroundings, rampant germs, awkward small talk … the list just goes on and on. Oddly though, I’m ok with ferries.

Kevin Patnik, Senior Brand & Content Strategist

I’m terrified of, yet completely in awe of the ocean. It’s majestic and vast and full of mysterious life. And it’s also fathomless, forbidding, and terrifyingly powerful. Since I was a kid I’ve had recurring nightmares about being unable to outrun a fast approaching, powerful incoming tide. And my absolute worst fear is being stranded out in open water.


Annett Kohlmann, Marketing Director

My irrational fear is space—specifically going into outer space like an astronaut. I’m in awe of the cosmos, its beauty and all the questions it inspires. But the danger of space flight and the lack of, you know, oxygen, is a big nope for me.


Bridget Perez, Senior Account Director

I have a significant and irrational fear of elevators—specifically being stuck in one. The smaller and older they are, the more flights of stairs I am willing to climb. The ones with no air circulating are the worst. When I have no other option, I get in, hit the floor number and pretty much hold my breath until the doors open. The slightest delay or bump and I panic internally, trying to remain cool and collected on the outside. I guess I am in awe of the mechanics of an elevator, but even more so of the people who will step into one without a second thought.


Kerry Dorado, Account Manager

I’m absolutely in awe of new human life. I think it’s the most magical and miraculous gift. The opposite, death, is my greatest fear. A close second it the human mind. While fascinating, I’m fearful of what the mind can and cannot control.


Sarina Montenegro, Senior Art Director 

As I drive over the I-5 bridge on my way to work I’m in awe of the amazing view of the mountains and the growing city skyline hugging Lake Union. No matter if it’s a sunny autumn day or set in a blanket of fog, I’m taken by that spectacular view. Though if I think of where I am for a split second, fear overcomes me. My fear of heights conjures up the irrational scenario of uncontrollably driving over the edge of the bridge. It’s that fear that keeps me in check to keep my eyes on the road!