I’m so excited to finally share this video, filmed last September in Sun Valley, Idaho. It’s an amazing honor to join this inspiring tribe of thinkers and doers.

I wrote this talk because I wanted to share my take on something that I’m inexplicably passionate about—the way people interact with each other and with the world. And the way that brands are shaping those experiences.

One of the most visible ways that’s happening in our culture today is through personalization. Not just the kind that pops up relevant ads on your socials. But the kind that drops a week’s worth of groceries on your doorstep in two hours. The kind that offers 50+ color combinations for something as banal as a jump rope. And the kind that serves up perfectly curated playlists on demand.

These conveniences have undeniably improved our lives and opened the door to new business opportunities for brands. But as those conveniences get more sophisticated, so do our expectations. And there is startling data out there to back that up. Which got me thinking: what happens when, as a culture, we get too accustomed to having things our way? When we expect the world to deliver on our needs whenever, wherever? And what happens when this relentless focus on the individual sets up false expectations about how the world can and should work?

I went on a quest to answer those questions. And found clues in some unexpected places. Spoiler alert: it’s not too late for brands to help consumers move the needle from entitled to empowered. But it takes commitment and intention. And a lot of creativity. I’ve only just started to unravel this topic, and so I hope you stay tuned to learn more. In the meantime, enjoy!