A New Era

The Seattle Symphony was undergoing major shifts within the organization: a new Executive Director, Music Director, and board leadership. In addition the overall artistic vision was dramatically evolving.

It was time to update the brand of this vulnerable and important Northwest cultural organization. One that would preserve its historic roots, and create more relevancy and exposure regionally, nationally and internationally.

Reclaiming Boldness

As we entered into the extensive discovery process, with key leadership and the board, a consistent theme emerged from our findings with stakeholders: the Symphony’s need to reclaim its innovative, pioneering and bold spirit. Our team worked to infuse that notion into a modern, forward thinking brand creating the tagline “Listen Boldly” alongside a dynamic new logo.

Changing Perceptions and Ticket Sales

Our work culminated in the launch of Seattle Symphony’s new identity via comprehensive brand guidelines, templates, launch materials, subscriber materials, capital campaign messaging and various other initiatives. The work not only positively shifted donor and subscriber perceptions but showed a dramatic increase in single ticket buyers and overall subscriptions.