Once in a Generation

Trios Health, formerly Kennewick General Hospital, underwent a transformation that may only be seen once in a generation. To announce this evolution after more than 60 years of community service, Phinney Bischoff developed a launch campaign featuring TV, radio, print, transit and digital strategies to capture the essence of the organization and communicate a new, more integrated continuum of care.

A Promise of Hometown Pride

Our statement “With you for life.” perfectly captured the brand promise in just a few words, becoming the tagline for the entire campaign and overarching Trios Health brand. We used heroic custom imagery to tell the brand story, with authentic and intimate scenes that harken back to a simpler view of life, honoring the little moments with focus on real people and the scenery that surrounds the region.


We developed a photography style and advertising campaign that embraced the beauty of stills. The style is journalistic and filled with natural light. Scenes are of real people and relationships representing the three pillars of the Trios brand compassion-driven, physician-connected and community-minded.

Response + Results

Public response to the launch campaign was overwhelmingly positive. The campaign also garnered three Golden Quill Merit Awards from the IABC for Change Communication, Brand Communications, and Multi-Audience Programs. In the past five years, we have supported Trios Health with 13 integrated campaigns, all of which demonstrate high brand recall in consumer testing.